Thursday, December 15, 2011

USAargh! - 13 Dec. 2008

the USA trip... Woohoo!!!? 
yeah, wasn't too psyched before I left - I was trading interhouse basketball & summer& beaches for winter in a place which is home in name only and i don't really know anyone anymore 

the only thing I was looking forward to at the beginning was snow... 
still waiting... 
anytime now, God... 

we arrived in our small hometown, only to see that it wasn't really small anymore, most of my good friends had moved away & so the only people I knew were my parents' friends and the odd acquaintance - fun 

we then left to Tennessee to visit Grandparents - it's not too bad. 

doesn't mean I'm not missing friends and mk camp... 

the biggest mission: 
da da daaaaaaaaaa! 

such a mission... 
not that it's bad or anything, it's actually given me a chance to look at the universities I'm looking at, meet with some of the professors in my possible majors and give me a chance to get a feel of the different schools 

looked at Carson-Newman & Belmont so far 
I like Carson newman's small town feel, but Belmont also has that but since they're also a little bigger, they have better courses and they have good premed (thumbs up) and a Commercial music major (2 thumbs up) 

leanin towards Belmont - gut feeling and It just feels right, but, unfortunately, it's a bit more expensive - major pressure for scholarships - I want to go there, but If I don't get any... 
out the window :-( 

overall: had a ho hum hols so far: 
saw family - nice 
missing friends - bleak 
missing mk camp & once-a-year friends - bleak 
missing sun, beaches & SUMMER break - bleak 
no snow - BLEAK BLEAK BLEAK BLEAK BLEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

oh well, it can only get better, right?