Sunday, October 30, 2011


Okay, first off, I agree, to a degree, with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I've felt the difficulty of obtaining a job here (see: American Nightmare) and I know and have met others who, despite being extremely well qualified, have been laid off and have been searching for a job for, in some cases, two years.

Not only this, but the inefficiency, inelasticity and relative incompretency of many major American companies are actually hurting the national economy and, to a lesser degree, the global economy and environment. One example of this is the oil companies and the manner in which they have their fingers in every major pot.

The OWS movement, however, has taken a slightly disturbing turn:
  • Protesters have been injured, shot at with rubber bullets and gassed. One such protester in Oakland actually sustained a concussion from a rubber bullet at point blank range in the head.
  • Anonymous is becoming involved. This is partially a good thing and partially a bad thing. Anonymous is a hacktivist organization with mild anarchic leanings that works in a Robin Hood-esque manner. (See their latest publication here)
  • The use of Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta imagery in media like this, evoking the idea of rebellion, coups and, in the case of V, anarchy.
  • The mimicry of the ideology and actions of the riots that rocked the Middle East earlier this year.
What can we, as Christians, do?
  • We can pray. Pray for the safety of the protesters, that an acceptable action will be taken by Wall St. and the associated "1%" and that the protest will remain a peaceful one.
  • The movement is still continuing and expanding. Winter is approaching and the protesters will need supplies and food to stay warm. The OWS movement has, in fact, sent out a Winter Donation Request, which, I would encourage Christians to not only assist with, but to use as a witnessing opportunity.
  • Become involved. Not necessarily in the protesting, but perhaps in providing for and ministering to the protesters. both the "99%" and the "1%" are people and both are in need of God and salvation. Not only that, but the protesters are searching for hope and life. We can provide that. 
We can't just sit back and let motions like this pass us by. Let's get our hands dirty, represent Christ and serve.
After all, we are legion.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Prayer Blog - Prayer Group Edition (24 Oct 2011)

Hey, So I wanted to send out a quick shout and prayer request.
First, thanks to all of you who have been praying for the Brasil trip.

Second, the matter at hand. Tomorrow, in prayer groups, I'll be speaking to my prayer group about 1) the sin nature of man and 2) salvation. So, if all of you readers could please be praying for my prayer group (Isaac Ohman, Temitope Olufotebi, Rob Cochrane, Brandon Hall, Christian Watkins) that God would be at the forefront of what I speak to them and that He would seriously work in their hearts (some of them are not saved).

Please and thank you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prayer Blog!

So, as many of you faithful readers are aware, I am one member of a mission team from my university headed to Northern Brasil. Before any of us go, though, there are a number of goals that need to be reached and the easiest way to address these goals is prayer. In light of this, I thought it might be good to give all of you a list of prayer requests and the team members' names so that you can pray for them specifically.

Team Leaders

Team Members

Missionary Liasons
Dick & Cledie
Rick & Kim
Greg & Ane

Prayer Requests

  • Visa applications
  • Health (of the team and missionaries)
  • Managing schoolwork effectively
  • Travel (when we finally leave) - safety, pilots, boat, etc
  • The inhabitants of the villages we'll visit
  • That the Gospel would be clearly spoken, presented and acted out by us.
  • God's blessings on the team, missionaries and locals
  • That God would go before us and prepare the hearts of the natives for the Gospel
  • That each team member would be able to raise their portion of the team funds*
  • That the team members would grow closer to each other and to God
  • Protection for the missionaries now and for all of us during the trip
  • Greg & Ane's unborn child
and, finally,
  • That God would be glorified and people be brought to Him.

*For information about donating, email me at

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seeing and Remembering

So, I currently have a fair bit of free time due to Fall break (and having finished all of my work I'd planned to do) so I thought I'd rehash something from an earlier post and combine it with something new.

So, previously, in my post "Got Revolution?", I ended with a thought saying how we're in a war for lost souls, for captives and hostages and how we need to set them free. Looking back at this statement, two questions come to mind, "Who are these lost souls?" and "How do we set them free?"

As for the first question, Christ said, "Open your eyes and look to the fields, for they are ready for harvest" (Jn 4:35). These lost souls about which I write are all around us. See that person in the next cubicle over at work? That lady walking her two-year-old child through the park? That lonely old man sitting on the bench? You know what the crazy thing is? Most of these people, these lost souls, aren't who usually pop into our heads when we think of people needing salvation. We need to train our hearts to see them, to remember them.

So often we pass these invisible people by, We look past them and forget them a handful of seconds later. need I remind you of Christ's example in John 4? Christ purposefully spoke to a woman while sitting by the well, a woman whom many Jews would probably have ignored and forgotten moments afterwards.

This brings me to the second question. how do we answer it? Simple - we start by seeing and remembering. You see, Jesus intentionally chose not to ignore the woman, but to see her, to speak with her. Likewise, we need to see people differently. People have worth; they deserve to be seen, not just glimpsed. They deserve to be remembered, not forgotten.

"Okay, that's all well and good for a start, but what next?"

I'm glad you asked. You have now seen this "invisible" person. Pray for him/her. You'd be surprised, but it's hard to forget someone for whom you've seriously prayed. even better, if you have the chance, go talk to the person. Get his name, learn where she's from.

People don't just go up to random strangers and say "Hi, you don't know me. Wanna talk?"

No, no they don't, but even a simple "hello, how are you?" or offering to help with something will catch their attention. You see, people today so rarely go out of their way to engage with someone that when someone does, it's surprising. It prompts "Why?"

And that's the golden question.

See the Invisible,
Remember the Forgotten

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Up the River!

So, those of you who follow me on twitter or have friended me on Facebook know that I've been accepted onto a missions trip, from the 14th-26th of May, headed up into the Amazon. So, I figured, you all might want to know what I learned about the trip at our first meeting.

So, we'll fly in, here, to Manaus.

Then, we'll head to Itacoatiara.

Then, from Itacoatiara, upriver into a side river and a lake.

Here's a closer look at the lake where we'll be doing the bulk of our work.

In case any of you were wondering, on this trip we'll be partnering with doctors from Word of Life ministries and we'll be doing light medical and optical clinics in villages on the river. We'll be hitting a different village each day. We'll also be working with children during this whole time, playing games, doing Bible messages, the whole nine yards. If you were wondering about living quarters, we'll be sleeping and living on a riverboat.

Now comes the fun part. For me to head on this trip, I need to raise $3200. I have faith that God will provide for me to be able to go, but that money does have to come from somewhere. So, if any of you readers feel called to donate, please begin considering it. as soon as I know exactly how and to whom the money should be donated, I'll blog about that, too. If you don't feel called to donate, or are unable to, please pray for the trip, the team and the missionaries with whom we will be working.

God bless!