Sunday, October 30, 2011


Okay, first off, I agree, to a degree, with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I've felt the difficulty of obtaining a job here (see: American Nightmare) and I know and have met others who, despite being extremely well qualified, have been laid off and have been searching for a job for, in some cases, two years.

Not only this, but the inefficiency, inelasticity and relative incompretency of many major American companies are actually hurting the national economy and, to a lesser degree, the global economy and environment. One example of this is the oil companies and the manner in which they have their fingers in every major pot.

The OWS movement, however, has taken a slightly disturbing turn:
  • Protesters have been injured, shot at with rubber bullets and gassed. One such protester in Oakland actually sustained a concussion from a rubber bullet at point blank range in the head.
  • Anonymous is becoming involved. This is partially a good thing and partially a bad thing. Anonymous is a hacktivist organization with mild anarchic leanings that works in a Robin Hood-esque manner. (See their latest publication here)
  • The use of Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta imagery in media like this, evoking the idea of rebellion, coups and, in the case of V, anarchy.
  • The mimicry of the ideology and actions of the riots that rocked the Middle East earlier this year.
What can we, as Christians, do?
  • We can pray. Pray for the safety of the protesters, that an acceptable action will be taken by Wall St. and the associated "1%" and that the protest will remain a peaceful one.
  • The movement is still continuing and expanding. Winter is approaching and the protesters will need supplies and food to stay warm. The OWS movement has, in fact, sent out a Winter Donation Request, which, I would encourage Christians to not only assist with, but to use as a witnessing opportunity.
  • Become involved. Not necessarily in the protesting, but perhaps in providing for and ministering to the protesters. both the "99%" and the "1%" are people and both are in need of God and salvation. Not only that, but the protesters are searching for hope and life. We can provide that. 
We can't just sit back and let motions like this pass us by. Let's get our hands dirty, represent Christ and serve.
After all, we are legion.