Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Gay Dilemma

Alright. While I detest bandwagons and decry Facebook movements as ineffectual and inane, I think it's time to weigh in on the issue at hand.

On marriage: I hold to the Biblical model of marriage: one man & one woman. for those of you willing to point out that homosexuality, bestiality, and polygamy are all mentioned in the Bible, I must point out that such actions have consequences, which are also mentioned in the Bible.

On homosexuality: Yes, I think it's wrong, sinful, and a perversion, but I'm not going to shove it in your face. I'm not going to use slurs and insults or make jokes. Some of my past, high school teachers are gay. Being gay does not make someone less of a person in my eyes, rather, they hold the same status to me as do all others and, like all others, they've made a wrong choice.

Jesus came and met with liars, adulterers, murderers, drunkards, extortionists, and more. He showed them love and compassion, true, as should I, but he also spoke out against their sin. Similarly, as a follower of Christ, I am called to love, but also to speak out against sin.

Speaking out against sin doesn't mean preaching hellfire and damnation. Rather, Paul exhorts Christians to grow in maturity, "speaking the truth in love." (Eph. 4:15)

So, consider this my ultimatum: I uphold the biblical model of marriage and disapprove of homosexuality, but I will not allow my views on homosexuality to infringe upon the manner with which I engage with individuals who are gay, pro-gay, or anti-gay.

End. Of. Story.