Monday, August 31, 2015

That one about Love

Hey, long time no post, I know. Life's been crazy, what with weddings and medical school and all, but I've got something to say tonight.

I was spending some time in prayer. I'll be honest, I'm not exactly the greatest romancer. Don't get me wrong, I'm a romantic, but I can't romance to save my life, but that could in part be due to how I was treating Love.

You see, I treated Love as a set of obligations, a business contract to do loving things, if you will.

That isn't love.

Love isn't obliged or contractually given. Love isn't checklisted and boxed up in a neat little bow of red tape.


Love is felt, experienced and lived out. Love affects the way we speak and do. Love affects the way I look at my wife and the way I view others. Love keeps no stock of my current "Love exchange", but gives itself freely, with no strings attached.

After all, that's what Christ did.

He didn't say "Well, It looks like I haven't filled my Love quota for the human race, so I'll just go nail myself to a cross and die."

He didn't tally his love exchange with us and compare his balance, like we check our credit cards.

In fact, he didn't love me as I love everyone who isn't me, which is to say he actually loved me and considered me as someone worth dying for...

... and I hadn't yet done anything love-worthy for him.

You see, God is the source of Love. He is Love. Love can only truly be given from what he has given to us. Love can only truly be shared from the example he set for us.

Love is something I am learning and something I've come to realise I don't understand, because if I realised it, I wouldn't be confusing Love with contractual obligation. I wouldn't be conflating love and charitable consideration.

No, if I really understood love, everyone I came into contact with would know it, for c=such is the effect of love.

It is indelible.

It is like that piece of broccoli stuck in your teeth that everyone can see, but yet, unlike that broccoli, you want for it to be seen.

That is Love.

I have love, but, thanks to God, I am learning to Love.