Thursday, December 15, 2011

The One about Respect (or why we shouldn't call Obama Nobama) - 20 Jan. 2011

In today's society people tout tolerance and respect and expect you to go along with it because that is what's "right." What disturbs me, however, is the recent disrespecting of certain individuals in offices of power.

Most people would agree that respect is something that is either earned or part of an office or position. Respect, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is, " Deferential regard or esteem felt or shown towards a person, thing, or quality."* A person is said to earn respect by completing deeds which are considered good, acting in an honorable fashion or being honest. A person also earns respect by being placed into a position which ranks above someone else. For example, a teacher, because of her position, deserves respect from her pupils, regardless of her ability; likewise a manager should receive respect from those he has hired because of his job position if for nothing else. I, in turn, respect the fire marshal and the police chief. I have never met either of them. I do not even know their names, but because of their position, I give them respect.

Following suit, should not a governor receive more respect than a mayor, a senator more than a governor, a head of senate more than a senator and a president more than a head of senate? Why then do people continually disrespect our current president? Yes, I may not agree with everything he has accomplished during his term so far. Yes, I believe he has made some serious mistakes. the question arises, however, should I begin calling him Nobama or disrespecting him in another form? No! While I may not agree with his actions and while he may not have garnered much deeds-based respect from me, I will still attribute to him the respect and honor due to the office of the President of the United States of America. Likewise I will do what I can to uphold his presidency by not devaluing it and running it through the dirt. 

If we disrespect the office with one president, what is to prevent us from doing this again? What is to prevent us from robbing the office from any power whatsoever because the title "President" has become ignored due to our disrespect?
Think about this; and think twice before disrespecting those to whom respect is due.

*"Respect." Oxford English Dictonary. def. 10a. Web.20/1/11.

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