Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New-ish Blog Developments

In case some of you were wondering exactly what some of the new changes on the blog were, here's a basic rundown:
  • Regarding the new images on the side panel: each of those is two things. 
    • Each is an image representing a charity I endorse and, when money's a bit more available, support.
    • Each image is also a link to that organization's website, allowing you to read more of what they do as well as giving you the option to donate (this isn't the first time, either - see Happy Thanksgiving, Pay It Forward)
  • Regarding the page tabs up top, those are, respectively:
    • This blog, 
    • Information about and a link to my devotional notes blog, 
    • Information about and a donation link to the missions trip of which I'm a part, and 
    • The newest page is about and contains a donation link for Restore Rwanda - an initiative started by my school to build a school in a "Widow's village".
So, yeah. Check all of this cool new-ish stuff out!