Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good News (of great joy)!


(Well, all of my portion, anyway)

If you can't tell, I'm kinda over the moon about this, which is why I announced it in block caps and followed it with a clip of the most awesome Yaaay-er saying "Yaaaaaaaaaay."

In all seriousness, though, I am extremely grateful to God for bringing together everything I needed for this trip and I am thankful, also for each person/church who contributed:
Michael Kiley
Jamie Soto
Pam Brownfield
Joan Barylski
Dave Evans
Russ King
Jono Warning
Doug & Louise Lee
Living Word Baptist Church
Brittany Ehret
Rodwin Spruel
George Sisson
Broadus Memorial Baptist Church
Sheri Shaw
Bryce Erickson
Eldorette Isaacson
Peter & Barbie Anderson
Flo Meintjies
Martha Moses
"Puchie" Mantlo
Black Creek Baptist Church
Paul & Kimberly Rush
Edna Arnold
Carina Keyzer
Nancy Wicker
First Baptist Church, Somerville, TN
(I also have this niggling feeling that I may have forgotten someone or -two. my apologies and many thanks!)

Let me encourage you, also to not stop donating. any excess money I raise helps other teammates raise their money. Or, you could even donate to them directly. The "Missions Trip" page, above, has instructions on how to donate and you can find the rest of my teammates here.

Second lastly, please continue to pray for this trip and our team as we finish training and fundraising. Please pray also, from 14-24 May, for this trip - travels, health, evangelism, etc.

Lastly, Liberty University is raising money to build a school in an impoverished village in Rwanda that's still suffering the aftereffects of the 1994 massacre. We need to raise a minimum of $22000 to build the school and pay for the students' 1st year. For more information or to donate, check the Restore Rwanda page tab, above!