Saturday, April 18, 2015

When Crap Happens

Many people often wonder why bad things happen to good people. As a Christian, that's a bit of a funny question, as really, none of us are good, but I digress.

Crap happens. I know. Right now, my car engine has konked out. I'm walking to work. (no complaints there - I've actually found I enjoy it and have turned down ride offers) Most frustrating, though, is the running of it all. At least I'm not in med school yet, but this really is chipping into wedding savings.

So, then, as a Christian, how should I react when crap happens?

The bible often talks about overcoming obstacles and drawing closer to God. Two such passages that come to mind are in Hebrews and James.

Now, yes, those passages are talking more about faith challenges, but I cannot help but tie them in to everyday struggles, too. After all, every struggle is an opportunity for us to lean on God and for God to display himself.

So, I don't know what will come of walking to work, but I look forward to the outcome and I pray for its resolution.