Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Thanksgiving Challenge

So, here's what I've challenged myself and my Prayer Group to do:

  1. Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, write at least 10 things for which you are thankful.
  2. On Thanksgiving, take time to read over the list, thanking God in the process.
So, here goes.

Wed 14 Nov. 2012
  • My school - Its Christian morals, faculty, and emphasis
  • My RAs and SLDs
  • My Family - Their safety and their willingness to sacrifice all for Christ
  • That the Gospel may still be shared within the USA
  • That the USA is still "One nation under God," despite what others may say
  • All the Godly men and women in my life (Uncle Alan, Kelvin, Dad, Mom, to name a few)
  • My girlfriend - Both who she is and that she seeks God before me
  • That South Africa has maintained democracy and a relatively low level of corruption
  • That I'll be seeing my sister in a few days
  • The message that Clayton King preached this evening at Campus Church
  • That I'll be seeing my family in less than a month
  • That I'm passing my classes well
  • God's illumination of the Bible, allowing me to more greatly understand His word and His direction
  • My prayer group members
Thurs 15 Nov. 2012
  • Classes are almost finished
  • Thanksgiving for the community at work went well
  • I was able to stay focused/awake through classes
  • I got to talk to Dad today
  • My roommate managed to change his major successfully
  • My girlfriend & I were able to spend some time together before break starts
  • My girlfriend enjoys Lord of the Rings
  • I'm on top of my work
  • Home-cooked meals start in a few days
  • God has kept me safe through the day and the day's travels
  • I'm healthy
Fri 16 Nov. 2012
  • I'm now on Thanksgiving break
  • I'll be driving down towards my sister soon
  • My classes' grades are good
  • Work this week went well
  • I now have time to really dive into God's word
  • I have time to finish papers
  • I'm not driving alone tomorrow
  • I have enough money to pay for the gas for the drive
  • Almost everyone on my hall has had the chance to go home
  • My girlfriend arrived safely at her destination (as far as I know)
Sat. 17 Nov. 2012
  • Making it to my friend's grandparents' house (despite becoming lost)
  • Being able to travel for Thanksgiving
  • Home-cooked meals
  • God's provision & protection over the too-long drive
  • Soft beds
  • The generosity of my professors in not issuing overly much homework during the break
  • The ability to drive my friend to his grandparents
  • The humility to stop and ask for directions
  • Cell phones
  • My friend's grandparents being willing to open their home
  • Brotherly love and community in Christ
  • Company/a navigator during 12 hrs of driving
Sun. 18 Nov. 2012
  • Being able to freely attend church
  • Salvation (Justification, sanctification, and glorification)
  • My workload has diminished slightly
  • Generosity
  • Game nights
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Minimal damage to Jett (the car) after being bumped
  • The ability to read and understand the Bible
  • Professors who objectively examine evolution instead of assuming its validity
  • Being well-fed (despite my hosts' disbelief at "how little" I ate)
  • Having access to clean, running water
Mon. 19 Nov. 2012
  • That, as a Christian, I have the Holy Spirit to counsel and guide me away from sin and to alert me when I begin to stumble (or walk) into sin
  • God's forgiveness
  • The generosity of my current hosts
  • That I have been able to work effectively on homework during this break
  • That God can still use a sinner like me to do His work - the sinner must be genuinely repentant, though. Just qualifying the doctrine here
  • The sanctifying work of salvation that the Holy Spirit works in us as we draw closer to God
  • The strength and comfort of our God when everything's shaken
  • The constant nature of God
  • Brothers in Christ on whom I can lean and rely for Godly counsel and accountability
  • That God is near at all times in all places
Tues 20 Nov. 2012
  • That I have finished my RA application
  • My current RA's wisdom regarding the application & Sharepoint
  • That I don't need loans for university
  • That I was able to pick my sister up from college today
  • That I have a car
  • For my 2nd-cousins for taking me and my sister in
  • The ability to visit with family
  • Family
  • Thanksgiving itself
  • God's overall provision during this break
  • My current homework status
Wed 21 Nov. 2012
  • More homework is done
  • Being able to share a meal with some of my sister's friends
  • Being able to drive
  • Thanksgiving is tomorrow
  • Being able to be with family
  • Good professors
  • Having a place to stay
  • Rest
  • What God has done in my life in the last year
  • What God has planned for me (even though I don't know what it is)