Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deal or No Deal?

You know when you're hitting the wall, like, so bad you'd prefer to write a blog post instead of pore over powerpoint slides of nephrons?

Well, guess where I am.

Actually, I wanted to copy something over from my Devo Notes page that I thought was particularly read-worthy. I generally don't like disseminating my devotional notes, using the blog more as a means of accountability and a tool for higher processing, but this little blip, I thought, was worth sharing.
"So, when you think about it, God's being very gracious in allowing us to exist, enduring the stench of our sin for the sake of redeeming as many as possible back to Him."
That's kind of an arbitrary, somewhat morbid statement, but it's true. I didn't get what I deserved when I accepted Jesus' sacrifice. Rather, What I deserved was taken on by Christ and instead, I get what He deserved.

That's not really a fair deal, when you think about it. It's like trading my entire potential med school debt (-$200k club, here we come) for a $1m check. I get the money, he gets the debt.

So, next time you're thinking that God's cutting us a raw deal in only letting the Christians enter heaven, take some time to think and realise that He's cutting his own throat* instead

*Great, now I'm picturing a dude in a robe with long white hair, moustache, and beard carrying a box with neckstrap, peddling salvation like CMOT Dibbler's pies