Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Other Servicemen

When it comes to supporting their military, America comes head and shoulders above every country I know. Biannually, we recognize military men and women, current and past, present and missing, living and passed. There are multiple charities and nonprofits whose sole purpose is helping veterans back on their feet. They even get discounts at many places.

I'm going to say something controversial: it's excessive. Recognition, I understand. Reintegration support and counseling, I understand. Rehabilitation, I understand. Discounts? No, not really.

I mean, I get it, it's a way for a business to express gratitude and appreciation and, were such a discount present solely on veteran's or memorial day, then I'd have no issue, but it's not. Ten percent, twenty percent discounts are available year-round and, as a result, from someone in the service industry, many military individuals and families develop a sense of entitlement to this treatment, expressing disgust when a business has no such discount.

Military, you are not entitled to such a discount. While I appreciate the service you give and gave, risking your lives abroad to protect those within the country, I strongly disagree with such special treatment. After all, there are many service individuals within our borders who perform the same base role.

Where is the annual day of appreciation for firefighters? Where are the police and sheriff discounts? Where are the support organisations for EMTs?

Each of these groups faces danger on a daily basis to help keep us safe; each has experienced the loss of fellows, yet we only thank and remember them on days of great tragedy, like 9/11 and many times, we leave them in the lurch, backing those acting against them.

If this attitude were displayed against the military, many world rail against such individuals, bringing them to task abd exerting much effort to shame them.

So, let's lose the discount, at least on non-remembrance days, and, instead, let us take the time to remember, celebrate, and offer discounts to the other servicemen and -women risking their lives for our safety and well-being at home. Let's remember the other servicemen.