Sunday, March 30, 2014

13 Signs that You Need Restoration

So, credit goes to my pastor for these, but they really stood out as gems, so I wanted to share them with you.

  1. Prayer is no longer a vital part of one's life
  2. Questing [his word, not mine] for Biblical truth has fallen by the wayside
  3. Biblical knowledge is possessed but no inwardly applied
  4. Pleasure becomes a necessary, compelling factor
  5. Gain dominates one's thinking
  6. Hymns and words are mouthed without any heart
  7. One finds oneself watching and reading morally corrupt content
  8. Breaches in one's church bring no concern
  9. The slightest excuse is sufficient to keep one from one's duty
  10. One is content with the lack of power and fillings of the Holy Spirit
  11. The music in one's soul and heart is no longer present
  12. One is gladly adjusting one's lifestyle to that of the world
  13. The tears have run dry and conviction of sin is absent

If, while reading this, you find yourself moved inwardly, saying, "that's me," then I encourage you to take some time, now, and drop to your knees, praying and asking God for a renewal of spirit, for the restoration that He brings, so that, once again, or for the first time, your heart might be moved to the passions and urgings of a God who loves us deeply and intimately, yet who also is a God of perfect standard that cannot be obtained and met by our feeble, dirtied attempts at perfection, but who, in a display of His mercy and grace, paid the debt of perfection and the punishment of its failure in a manner consistent with His law by providing a sacrifice sufficient to pay such an infinite debt through the sending of his son, Jesus, the Messiah, who, being fully God and fully man, lived a life of sinless perfection, endured the mockery of his peers and countryfolk, the ignominy of torture and death, the weight of eternity's sin and punishment, and the rejection of God, his Father, for the sin he carried and yet, having paid in full the price of sin for all mankind, he rose from the dead, breaking the chain of sin and death and has since risen to the Father's side, where he presents our cases on our behalf and prepares a place at the Father's table for those who, seeing they cannot ever pay their debt in full and are thus deserving of the punishment given for sin, have turned in faith to him, accepting his sacrifice, and committing their lives to following him.

(Yes, that's one grammatically correct sentence)