Monday, May 20, 2013

That one thing...

You know that experience when you're planning everything out and it all looks good on paper; then, one thing - only one thing - doesn't quite work out the way you'd planned?

Welcome to the club.

My summer plans had 3 prongs to it:

  • get a job, 
  • find an apartment, 
  • volunteer at the local hospital. 
Pretty simple. All 3 came together before the semester ended. Great.

So everything worked out, right?

Yes. For the most part.

  • I have a job
  • I have an apartment
  • I'm now fully set up to volunteer at the hospital
So, what's the hitch?

Well, I took a week off after the semester ended, which happened to coincide with the middle of my work training. Now, you might say that's stupid, but it's not - I had to be off campus by a certain date, which was a little less than a week before I could move into my apartment.

So I told my bosses. They knew and accepted it, said I could finish training when I returned, which I did. Now, here's the hitch: The shift manager is heading on her vacation, so she wisely decided to plan the next few weeks, a very prudent, understandable move. When she was planning them just happened to coincide with the week I was away, halfway through training.

The result: I'm not officially scheduled for the next week/2 weeks. Oh, I can pick up shifts, but right now, I'm only a host and, for those of you who aren't familiar with restaurant staffing, there's only 1, maybe 2 hosts in a shift.

That means there are already few shifts available and fewer people who're likely to drop a shift.

So that's my life right now. I'm paying rent, gas, and food; I'm busy volunteering, preparing for med school; and I'm employed, but have no work. Please be praying that I could pick up a few shifts.