Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trans-Atlantic Dealings.

Birthdays are, as most would agree, a very special time to be celebrated. Especially one's 18th. But what does one do when a very close someone else has their 18th birthday while one is halfway around the world? Some people may use such media as facebook, twitter or skype, but how many sisters have a whole blog devoted to them from across the big blue?
That's right, this whole blog today is devoted to the celebration of my sister's 18th. Why? It is my proxy. I would give almost anything to be back in SA celebrating the anniversary of my best friend's birth, but, alas, I cannot. So, instead (and because I did not have enough time to write a poem) here is my tribute.
To an amazing artist
To a stellar soccer player (and a determined defender)
To loads of laughter
To a comical card player (I wanted to say cheating, but it is your birthday)
To a vexing veteran of the Word War I, II & III
To a humongous heart
To a beautiful best friend and a stunning sister.

Happy Birthday, Sis!